Welcome! Every once in a while the perfect opportunity comes along. For those who love to enjoy the Southern outdoors with family and friends, the perfect opportunity is Little Creek Community Preserve.

You feel the change as soon as you drive through the gates of Little Creek. The air is different; you can breathe easier. Your ears are sensitive….it is so quiet. The light is different; you see more clearly. And the experience is never the same, as you might drive by a fawn bedded down close to the road under the eye of a watchful doe. You might catch a flash of white as a buck disappears into the woods; but don’t hurry to drive on as you know another will follow. Soon you pass the horse pasture, but the horses hardly notice you as they casually graze. Or you might have to wait as a long string of turkeys take their time crossing the road. It’s ok. You are on Little Creek time.

Every once in a while the perfect opportunity comes along. For those who love to hunt, ride horses, and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, the perfect opportunity is Little Creek Community Preserve.

Centrally located in middle Georgia, Little Creek presently consists of 1100 acres of common area and an additional 500 acres of leased property. The mission of Little Creek is to preserve this incredible piece of land for our owners for generations to come. The land in the common area will be preserved forever. The grounds of Little Creek are maintained by a qualified and experienced Plantation Manager who is available around the clock.

Little Creek is structured around 40 approximately 5-acre fee simple lots for owners to build their perfect cabin or second home. Or if they choose not to build, they may take advantage of commonly owned facilities such as spacious lodge and two additional cabins. We have a summer kitchen for parties and large fire pit for good times around the campfire. The owners, through an established LLC, own all the acreage in the common area, the common facilities, the maintenance facilities, and all our required farm equipment. There is a separate LLC that manages as a non-profit Board working in the best interest of the 40 owners. It is required that each Board Member be an owner of Little Creek.
There will never be more than 40 lots within Little Creek as any additional lots are strictly prohibited as stated in the protective covenants. All the lots were sold within the first two years of inception; however, there are a few lots available for resale.

Pause for a minute and take a short trip through Little Creek. We have prepared a video to give you some idea of the scope of our land and facilities.

Take a moment to watch this video and enjoy the beauty of the Southern outdoors waiting for you. Imagine yourself enjoying this beautiful place with family and friends at Little Creek Community.

Wildlife Philosophy

Every effort is made to produce a fine and memorable hunting experience for our owners and their guests. We follow comprehensive food and habitat programs to produce and maintain a quality wildlife program and environment. Currently Little Creek has approximately 1600 acres under our wildlife management control. Select wildlife focus groups (deer, wing, etc.) receive strict attention from various committees who conduct research and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, owners, and Plantation Manager for implementation.

Currently there are over 30 acres of food plots and 20 supplemental feeders throughout the property. Our supplemental feeding program alternates between corn and protein during various times of the year. We have numerous mineral blocks out year round as well. Most food plots are planted in the fall and spring. Clover food plots are maintained yearly. We have all the necessary equipment for total food plot installation and management. Little Creek has a trophy philosophy for deer and turkey. Bucks must have 4 points per side and be 120 class or above. Turkeys must have a 7-inch beard or longer.


What a place to keep and ride your horse! Little Creek offers an idyllic equestrian situation for its owners and their horses. The equestrian facilities include seven Bermuda grass pastures surrounded by a hot-wired wooden fence.  The newly renovated four-stall barn has two tack rooms with individual cedar compartments to store your tack and equestrian supplies, a concrete wash rack with hot and cold water, and feed room with refrigerator to store medicine and supplements.

Our happy horses enjoy automatic waterers, heated water buckets in winter, separate covered feeding stalls, and are free fed hay from covered hay bins or hay huts.  The pastures are cut and dragged as needed and fly predators are added for fly control.  The riding trails are groomed and cut semi-monthly and consist of over 30 miles of scenic trails in both Little Creek I and Little Creek II, taking you through some of the prettiest countryside Georgia has to offer.  The horses are grain fed twice daily during the week by the Plantation Manager.  The horse owners of Little Creek alternate weekend feedings.  The only cost of keeping horses at Little Creek is the feed, hay and any vet expenses.  All horses are required to be up to date on shots, regularly dewormed, fecal tested and have negative Coggins.

Owners are limited to 2 horses per lot owned. No stallions are allowed on Little Creek property at any time.

Make an Appointment

If you have every been interested in owning your own ranch or rural property, you must see Little Creek. Land ownership can be expensive and very time consuming. At Little Creek, a group with shared interests have pooled their capital and efforts to create the ranch that most people can only dream of. Don’t miss this opportunity. Study this website and then schedule an appointment to see Little Creek. It could change your life.

Lots for Sale


Lot #27 is for sale by Little Creek Community Preserve.

5 acres, mostly wooded, gentle slope. $95,000, includes 1,200 acres of Green Space.

Contact Board President Keith Henry for information and to schedule a site visit (Keith Henry   404-915-5407).

lotsforsale_graphicmapLot #3 is for sale by owner.

5 acres, mostly wooded, gentle slope. $95,000, includes 1,200 acres of Green Space.

Contact David Frazier for information and to schedule a site visit (404-580-7870;  [email protected]).

lotsforsale_graphicmapLot #17 is for Sale by Owner

Lot is approx 5 acres of pine and evergreen trees. $70,000 (includes Little Creek 2)

Contact Paul Castell at [email protected] or 404-405-5219