Wing Committee


Turkey Rules

Summary:  The purpose of these rules is to promote a safe and enjoyable environment for turkey hunting while considering the safety of other spring users of the property, primarily horseback riders.  Basically, this system divides the property into 4 major areas each with sub-areas (see map in Summer Kitchen).  Turkey hunters have rights on all sections during the morning hunts.  After 9:30am turkey hunters may reserve 2 sections if horseback riders are present, or in the absence of horseback, they may sign out for more.   Remember, communication with other hunters and riders is critical and being courteous to each other goes a long way towards making an enjoyable time.  When signing out, please include the intended end time of your hunt (as in until 9:30, until 12:30, etc.) and your cell phone number.  Should horseback riders choose to ride after 9:30am, they will get in touch with hunters signed out in the additional areas outside of the 2 they have rights to all day.

Turkey hunting is comprised of 4 Primary Zones (each with sub-zones) during turkey season.

  • Turkey hunting is comprised of 4 Primary Zones (each with sub-zones) during turkey season.
  • All 4 zones can be reserved until 9:30am, and sign out the night before is allowed for turkey hunting. When signing out for the morning hunt, please select the primary zone and sub-zone you will be hunting in. Also always include the time you intend to hunt until as well as your cell phone number should other hunters or horseback riders need to get in touch.
  • Horseback riders have rights to 2 contiguous zones after 9:30am should they wish to ride. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone return to the summer kitchen between 9:30 and 10:00 in order to determine the areas for horse.  If there are no riders, then hunters can re-sign out for all zones and sub-zones.
  • Each turkey hunter is required to communicate with other turkey hunters before moving to a new location or zone and must sign in / sign out at summer kitchen before moving to a new location.   It is important to know where hunters and horseback riders are located.

The 4 zone system is comprised of the followings areas – (refer to the map in the Summer Kitchen).
Zone 1 – The gas line and all LC I property north and northwest of the line including Quail area 1 and all the LC I property east of Commissioner Creek including Carpenters and Felton Miller.  Note: the entire gas line is included in Zone 1.
Zone 2 – LC I property south of the gas easement and west of Commissioner Creek including Quail Area II and the remaining portion of the original Little Creek Property.
Zone 3 – all the property in LC II.
Zone 4 – all property in the Larry Stephens lease.

  • Turkey hunters should stay in their zones and try to avoid horseback riders at all times.
  • All horse owners and turkey hunter’s cell phone numbers will be in the summer kitchen for communication.
  • Turkeys are limited to adult male turkeys with 7-inch beards or longer.  Do not shoot jakes!  We wish to encourage a healthy turkey population for the members’ enjoyment. All turkey harvests must be recorded in the log book in the summer kitchen.
  • Each Lot is entitled to one guest per hunting day, not including immediate family members.    Family members are: grandparents, parents, spouse, children and grandchildren.  Owners are responsible for explaining all LC hunting rules to guests.  All guests must sign a liability waiver.
  • Turkey season – each Lot is entitled to two turkeys per season, however only one turkey per individual including guests.  No swapping, giving, selling, or substituting game tags between LC Owners as this is strictly prohibited.    The Committee intends to monitor the annual kill with a goal of killing no more than 4 mature gobblers per square mile in order to maintain a healthy population going forward.
  • Special Georgia youth season – adults may accompany a qualifying 16 year old or younger hunter and may call but not take a turkey.  Any turkeys taken during the special season apply to lot and individual limits.  Please see the state regulations for further information.
  • A wounded turkey will be counted toward an owner’s seasonal allotment for that particular lot.  Hunters must make every reasonable effort to recover a wounded turkey, using all available means.
  • Bow & Archery hunting for turkey are allowed subject to state of Georgia hunting regulations.
  • There will be no scouting with turkey weapons unless you are located in reserved turkey zones.
  • There is no hunting from any type of motorized vehicle, in compliance with GA law.  There is no gun hunting on owner lots or the inside Common area.
  • All owners & guests must have valid GA hunting license and hunter safety course where applicable and are subject to all Georgia Hunting regulations.   Consistent with these rules, turkey hunters may not hunt within 200 yards of bait.  The Deer committee has agreed to restrict deer feeding in most feeders within the prime turkey areas; however it is the responsibility of the hunter to avoid areas where feeders are being actively filled.
  • Hunters should be courteous to each other and other Little Creek participants at all times.
  • As a reminder, please do not mix alcohol and guns.  No alcohol is permitted prior to or during a hunt.
    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in suspension of turkey hunting privileges for the remainder of the season.