2016-17 Little Creek Deer Hunting Rules

1. Each lot is entitled to one buck and two does per season.  If an owner, family member, or guest harvests more than the allotted (buck or doe) in a given season, the deer hunting privileges for that lot will be suspended immediately and will carry through the entire next year deer season as well.

2. If an owner, family member, or guest harvests a button buck, the Georgia Law prevails in determining whether the deer is considered a buck or doe.  If the button buck is determined to be a buck, per Georgia DNR standards, and is the first buck killed by that particular lot, a $500 fine will be assessed and the harvest is considered the buck for that lot for the current season.  If the button buck is harvested after a branch antlered buck has already been taken for that particular lot, the fine will be $500 and considered a doe for that lot.

3. The buck minimum is 120 inch minimum as scored by the Boone and Crockett scoring method unless the owners are grandfathered in because they have not previously harvested a LC buck.  Any bucks harvested below these standards will be fined $100 per inch with a max $500.  All legal bucks must be shoulder mounted and hung in the lodge beginning October 1st through Jan 1st (previous season’s harvest).  Any undersized branch antler buck must be mounted (shoulder or European) and hung in the lodge for the same period.  All bucks must be scored before removing the deer from LC, or 2 pictures taken consisting of the front and side view. At least one deer committee member must review the deer before removing it from Little Creek.

4. Owner’s children 15 and under have the option of 4 points per side, unless they have previously harvested a branch antlered buck which would move them to the 120 class minimum.

5. A wounded buck or doe will be counted toward that owner’s seasonal allotment for that particular lot.  The owner must make every reasonable effort to recover the deer, using all available means.

6. Any deer, buck or doe, which is found wounded with little chance of surviving, should be harvested and will not be counted toward their lot.  However, the harvest record should be completed and counted as LC harvest.

7. Firearm hunting hours will not be allowed between 10:00am and 3:00pm except for November where all day hunting is allowed on LC II and Larry Stephens.  Horseback riding will be allowed between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm on LC II and the Larry Stephens property, if no one is hunting or intends to hunt during the mid day on these two properties during November.  If someone plans to hunt all day or mid day during November, they must reserve either of these 2 properties during the morning sign out.

8. Each owner MUST be out of their respective stand by 10:00am.  Scouting is only allowed with a hand gun for self defense only.  Hunters may begin hunting at 3:00pm, but CANNOT discharge a firearm until after 3:00pm during the months of Oct and Dec, only in designated areas in November.

9. Each lot is entitled to one guest per hunting day, which do not include immediate family members.  Family members are: grandparents, parents, spouse, children and grandchildren.  Owner’s guests are limited to 1 firearm per guest.

10.  Each deer hunter will be required to read, sign and return a copy of the rules.  Owners are responsible for explaining the rules to their guests and have full responsibility for their guests.

11.  Each deer, when hung in the walk in cooler, must be recorded on the dry erase board outside the cooler.  Deer must be removed within 7 days of harvest.

12.  Each deer (wounded or killed) must be recorded on the logbook in the summer kitchen within a reasonable amount of time after harvest.

13.  25 doe limit – 2 per lot – Deer committee has the option to modify this rule if the quota is not met.

14.  Bow & Archery times directly correspond to the State of GA legal hunting hours.

15.  Every hunter & guest must sign a liability waiver located in the summer kitchen before going afield.

16.  Every hunter must sign out on the board in the summer kitchen before hunting and sign back in after hunting.

17.  Sign out rules – sign out no sooner than 2 hours before sunrise.  The next to last hunter, must remain in the summer kitchen or call a deer committee member before leaving to ensure the safety of the remaining signed out hunter.

18.  A maximum of three climbers or stands per lot is allowed.  The stands must be identified with owners name using the LC stainless steel plaques and marked in the summer kitchen.  All unmarked stands must be removed and brought to the maintenance area.

19.  There will be no walking or stalk hunting allowed.  Each hunter must stay within a 100 yd         radius of their signed out deer stand.

20.  No hunting from any type of motorized vehicle is allowed, in compliance with GA law.

21.  No alcohol consumption is allowed before or during deer hunting in compliance with GA law.

22.  All owners and guests must have a valid GA hunting license and hunter safety course where applicable.

23.  Hunting rules apply to LC I, LC II, and leased land as one unit.

24.  Swapping, giving, selling, or substituting deer tags between LC owners is strictly prohibited.

25.  All GA hunting laws must be followed as well as Little Creek rules.  Failure to follow these will result in the possible suspension of deer hunting privileges.