Deer Hunting

We grow ‘em big around here! Our management practices and food sources pay off with superior deer hunting for the members here at Little Creek.  Little Creek is a leader in Quality Deer Management in Georgia.  The trophy standard is 120 class, or better, for seasoned hunters and 4 points per side, or better, for younger hunters. Owners may harvest one buck and two does each season per lot. Our ratio is extremely good; almost 1 buck to 1.3 does according to a 2013 University of Georgia survey. Choose from over 50 deer stands ranging from single ladder stands to 25 foot tower stands. Of course, individual climbers are always welcome to find that perfect spot somewhere on our 1800 managed acres, including over 30 acres of food plots which are fertilized and planted each season.

We are excited about the recent installation of two grain silos, enabling us to purchase in bulk and provide what we consider to be the best feeding program in the state. Our deer agree! We use an average of 40,000 pounds of corn and 30,000 pounds of high protein feed each year in addition to mineral blocks.

The investment – of time, effort, and management skills – is paying big dividends for the deer hunters here at Little Creek.  If you have every thought about owning deer hunting land in Georgia, you should visit Little Creek.