Wildlife Philosophy
Every effort is made to produce a fine and memorable hunting experience for our owners and their guests.  Within our gated hunting preserve, we follow comprehensive food and habitat programs to produce and maintain a quality wildlife program and environment.  Currently Little Creek has approximately 1600 acres under our wildlife management control.  Select wildlife focus groups (deer, wing, etc.) receive strict attention from various committees who conduct research and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, owners, and Plantation Manager for implementation.  Currently there are over 30 acres of food plots and 20 supplemental feeders throughout the property.  Our supplemental feeding program alternates between corn and protein during various times of the year.  We have numerous mineral blocks out year round as well.  Most food plots are planted in the fall and spring.  Clover food plots are maintained yearly. We have all the necessary equipment for total food plot installation and management.  Little Creek has a trophy philosophy for deer and turkey.  Bucks must have 4 points per side and be 120 class or above.  Turkeys must have a 7-inch beard or longer.

We also have two private quail hunting properties consisting of approximately 60 acres.  These areas are aggressively maintained through planting, disc harrowing, and burning to provide optimal cover for release birds.  Many of the owners have bird dogs and will be glad to take you in the field.

Our goal is to be one of the premier private hunting preserves in Georgia.  If you have ever considered owning deer and turkey hunting land in Georgia, then you need to visit Little Creek.